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Swapnanagar Kids


Fun & fear-free learning

Unfortunately, traditional primary schools in Bangladesh tend to be treated as high-stakes education where students feel threatened by the system and the school environment. At Swapnanagar we believe that positive experiences are a far superior motivation for students to learn what they need to succeed in a fast-changing world. Our school is a safe space where students are accepted for who they are as children and always treated with the respect and understanding that they deserve.


Adopting Active Learning

At Swapnanagar students are encouraged to think through and make and use associations to solve problems rather than relying on memorization and repetition. Through an active learning process, students gain the skills to ask the right questions, think for themselves, and gain the knowledge they need in life - where traditional schooling relies on memorization and repetition. We believe this gives our students a leg up in the world they live in.


No fixed classroom

Open classrooms promote student engagement and increased lesson retention by allowing students to have a say in which class to attend and in the nature of their classroom environment. When it’s sunny out, the students can vote to go outside for class. And if a student finds a certain lesson less interesting, they can choose to attend other classes that suit their interests more. Giving children this freedom gives students a sense of control over their own education and promotes independent learning and engagement with their education.